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Pursuit and Possibilities

Susie seemed resigned to the inevitable. She lay on her side with her big brown eyes half closed, her breathes coming in slow shallow spurts. Again and again, a contraction would grip her little body, it would quiver, and a tiny beagle puppy would enter the world. I’ll never forget those amazing moments huddled in the dark corner of a little doghouse with my brother, as we watched with a reverent awe the miracle of birth unfold.

Those moments in the shadows of that doghouse had a profound effect on me. They were the genesis moments of an awakening to a God who was real and intricately involved in His creation. I watched in wonder, as life pushed its way out from behind the thick curtains of mystery and onto center stage, as it fought like a gladiator for a place to exist—to stand—to live—to be. I watched with reverence, I dreamed with imagination, and I determined to know this God if it were possible.

Susie survived her ordeal several more times, but that little boy with the short cropped hair, brown tan and black high-top Keds was ruined forever. He was rendered undone, messed up, and I still am, as I struggle to pursue a God who is relentless in His pursuit of me. With the Hound of heaven at nipping at my heels, I have found myself thrust into a realm I cannot comprehend. It is a supernatural place where He desires all of us to walk with confidence in our spiritual inheritance. Whenever I find myself in this place, I am overwhelmed and undone with the same feelings and emotions I experienced so long ago in the corner of that old wooden dog house. I have since discovered it’s not the place or the situation; it’s the Person, in whom resides a realm where all things are possible and in whose language there is no room or meaning for the word impossible.