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God-Sizing Your Dreams (Part 3)

God is constantly seeking men and women who have a desire to recover the dreams he has for them. In other words, a people who will once again dream dreams that are as big as our God. For too long, the enemy has bludgeoned believers with the lie that those kinds of dreams are impossible and impractical. Therefore, when we dream, if we dream at all, we usually dream itsy-bitsy dreams. Those kinds of dreams are the ones we can make happen without God. Sadly, they are safe, requiring little if any faith and costing zilch, which is exactly what they’re worth.

Our problem is not so much our itsy-bitsy dreams. No, our problem is our true belief in who God is. For most of us, our god is not the God of the Bible—the God whose exploits are unbelievable, as well as unimaginable. The church (that’s us) has become guilty of composing complex theologies that excuse God from doing what the Bible declares he can do. God does not need us to make excuses for him. Our excuses are nothing more than unbelief and faithlessness. God wants us to believe he is exactly who he says he is.

The Bible clearly asserts that if Jesus did it then we are meant, designed, and expected to do the very same thing. We are to be “little Christs,” which is the meaning of Christian. If you disagree, take it up with Jesus. Let me quote him at this point: “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do, because I go to the Father” (John 14:12). You can slice it, dice it, exegete it, do jungle-gym word studies, and make any excuse you want, but Jesus said it and that’s what he meant. We are, at the very least, supposed to be doing the things he did, and at best, even greater things.

Now those are God-sized things. Things like healing the sick, breaking the bondage of the demonized, raising the dead, opening blind eyes, unsealing deaf ears—I think you get the picture (not to mention walking on water). Jesus did those things in the power of the Holy Spirit—the very same Holy Spirit who resides within every believer. God-sized work requires a man or woman to dream God-sized dreams. Remember? If you can see it you can birth it. God is looking for people willing to take him at his word (even John 14:12) and see it through the eyes of the Holy Spirit.

God has not changed. God still has huge dreams, and if you or I will partner with him and dream those God-sized dreams—join him in implementing his purpose in our lives—it will change the spiritual, social, financial, governmental, and cultural atmosphere no matter your zip code. All it requires is the faith to become his partner, which means no more excuses—just an acceptance of him at his word.

God is giving you permission to dream again—to dream really, really big. Age, education, finances, and health has nothing to do with this ability to dream. What you’ve done or haven’t done—your inability has no ability to hinder God unless you allow it to do so. If God has placed a dream within you (and He has, even if it’s hidden deep down within the caverns of unbelief and faithlessness of your heart), he has the ability and capability to bring it to full fruition. The fact is, no matter how large you dream—God’s dream for you is far bigger than you can grasp.

We must learn to once again dream with God—to dream God-sized—to super-size those snapshots of what could or should be. If God put it there in your spirit, soul, heart, and mind, then he has the ability to bring it into existence.