Reclaiming Biblical Healing (Part 7)

The Scriptures tell us not to believe everything we see, read, or hear. We are not to accept information carte blanche just because we read it on the internet or hear it from the mouth of a teacher or preacher. We are told in 1 John 4:1 to “test the spirits to see whether they are from God.” In other words, you must take responsibility for making sure what you believe is true no matter where you read or heard it.

Thus far in these blogs I have made several fundamental statements that are essential if the church (made up of individuals like you and me) ever hope to reclaim the ministry of biblical healing. For the past six blogs we have been looking at what Scripture says and Jesus did. If the Bible says it—then it is truth. You must check the Scriptures—don’t take my word for it. You have to wrestle with it and come to a place where truth becomes faith. If it’s true, then we are called to obey and imitate it. For many, this will mean a change in your belief system. We have to purge the lies, the unbelief, and false teaching we have been indoctrinated with and come to grips with certain truths.

Here are the truths we must test and embrace if we hope to see God move again through the ministry of healing:

1.  Jesus is God (The things Jesus did and said demonstrate the will and desire of God the Father).

2.  God’s character and nature is to heal. (His name is Jehovah Rapha—“I Am that I Am Healing”—his                 name reveals who he is.) Therefore healing is the will of God.

3.  We must believe God wants to heal and “is” healing (present tense)—not simply that he can                         heal if he wants to or if it’s his will.

4.  Satan is the source of sickness (All sickness comes from the enemy. God is not the source of sickness                    nor does he send sickness to make us better or stronger believers).

5.  Jesus healed everyone who came to him (He did not heal everyone in Israel but none who came to                    him were rejected).

These five statements are essential in your belief system if you hope to see biblical healing become a part of your ministry. We act on and do what we believe and we refuse to act on what we don’t believe.

Does this raise questions? You bet it does! I have several but I refuse to allow my questions to limit the clear witness of Scripture and the distinct testimony of Jesus. What Jesus did—he still wants to do today through his body—that’s you and me.

Are you willing to believe by faith and see? Are you willing to allow him to use you as he releases his healing power through your faith in the truth he declared and demonstrated? You must decide….