God-Sizing Your Dreams (Part 13)

A God-sized dream is the only dream worthy of God. If you and I can entertain them with our mind and heart, God can bring them to fulfillment. Dreams are what drive us to excellence. Without a dream, a man or woman will settle for whatever is available, regardless of what they could have achieved. Dreams fuel championships, create new and better ways of doing things, and push us to the next level of our destiny.

Dreams and destiny are inextricably linked. The size of your dream will determine the extent of your destiny. Dreams always come with both peril and price—the larger the dream the greater the peril and the higher the price. The danger and cost go hand-in-hand, but so does the payoff. God-sized dreams are no exceptions, but they are exceptional in every way.

The time has come for all of us to consider (or re-consider) the God-sized dream God has planted in seed form within us. The time has come to muster the courage to dream that dream—to seize that vision and walk it out until faith becomes experience. Most will call you a fool—a daydreamer—one who has lost your mind. But, God will call you a partner and join with you in this exciting endeavor.

If God has given you that dream which drives you—dream it with all you might. Don’t listen to the naysayers and the experts. They are standing on the sidelines for a reason, and that reason is they refused to get into the game. Listen to God. Your job is to embrace the dream, but it’s God’s responsibility to empower it. Be faithful, and you will see that dream reach fruition and the fruit will be far larger than you ever imagined. It will be God-sized!