God-Sizing Your Dreams (Part 4)

Dreaming dreams that are too small is common to all of us. If you or I can make that dream come true, even if it takes us to the stratosphere of fame and fortune, it is simply too small. If one can turn it into a reality with just human brains and brawn, it’s too small. All of us were designed by God for partnership with him. Without God in the driver’s seat, we become planes without pilots, cars without drivers, or missiles without a guidance system—all destined to crash and burn. We can go fast and far, but alone we can never come close to the boundaries—the outer limits—of our potential in and through the Holy Spirit. We can deny our design, but in doing so, we always forfeit the divine potential of our dreams. And since God is omnipotent, that divine potential is limitless.

There is festering within all of us a lie that we can do it on our own. Most of the time we believe that lie and act on it. Independence (I can do all things on my own, which is the best way—and by myself, because no other is better qualified) is the result of being infected with the sin of Adam. His undoing was an action that declared, “I don’t need God!” And, as we all know so well, that belief in a lie was his undoing. Guess what? That same lie keeps manifesting itself in all of us—over and over—generation after generation. An independent spirit that declares, “It’s my way or the highway,” always produces less than what could, would, or should have been produced. This kind of independence pole vaults a person into the illegitimate position of trying to be his/her own god, and like it or not, that god is always teeny-tiny at best.

God designed us for interdependence when it comes to God-sizing our dreams, which is just another way of saying, “God has designed us with a partnership in mind.” We are not free agents, Lone Rangers, or the highly feared revolver toting gunfighters of the Old West. We are severely limited and unable to fulfill our divine design apart from a mutual partnership with God.

God-sized dreams really only require only two things: God and you. If you are willing to partner with God, he will supply the dream—which  ultimately means you and I are not only interdependent on God, but also dependent as well. I know most of us hate the “d” word, but a good dose of it will go a long way in curing the cancer of arrogant independence, which if left untreated will effectively diminish any dream you might ever have to the realm of the microscopic. And sadly, a microscopic dream will live only as long as the person who dreamed it…