God-Sizing Your Dreams (Part 2)

Purpose is woven into our spiritual DNA. I believe God plants that specific purpose (yes you have one no matter what you think or have been told) within us and reveals it over time as our relationship with him deepens. A hidden key to walking out your purpose is to constantly walk in a deepening relationship with God. Relationship opens your heart to his heart and best of all, his heart to yours.

God often uses dreams in the revelation of your purpose. Dreams are images or ideas that think or imagine. Sometimes they are impressions left on our mind by God during our sleep. They often explode in technicolor frames filled with a myriad of infinitesimal detail as they come life. God gives all of us dreams, so that we might first imagine, then embrace, and eventually accomplish our purpose.

He allows these dreams to incubate in the cracks and the crevices of our spirit and soul. Then gradually, God moves them into our heart and eventually into our minds where they can sprout into existence. He puts them there with all the resources needed to bring whatever we can imagine into reality with his help. For these dreams to move from the shadowy imagines of “hope so” to flesh and blood reality we must partner with God.

God gave all of us (and that includes you) the ability to create. We are not God, and we cannot create ex-nihilo—that is, create something out of nothing. That is the sole domain of an omnipotent God. But…creativity is nothing more than seeing something in your mind and birthing it into existence. We are all creative (no matter what you’ve been told or what you have or have not done up to this point in your life). We are creative because we are created in the image and the likeness of God, and no one would argue that God is creative. Just look around! So, when our creativity leaks out we resemble our Creator a little clearer than when we choose to keep it bottled up inside in our fear or insecurity.

Our problem is we are blind—unable or unwilling (you choose the one that best fits you) to see through the eyes of the Spirit. Spirit-filled means far more than most of us have been taught. A Spirit-filled man or woman lives life through the Spirit, which includes seeing things through the eyes of Spirit—which is, after all, God’s eyes. The vision of most is limited because they view life through only their natural human eyes. Creativity is in the eyes of the beholder and it definitely depends on whose eyes you look through.

You must believe God has a purpose for you. That is, you must believe it to see it, and you must see it in both your spirit and your mind to birth it. Faith and action must partner for that dream to becoming a living breathing baby. Faith without action produces a stillborn infant and action without faith always results in a baby riddled with defect and disfigurement and destined for death.

Yes, God has instilled a specific dream(s) within each of us and that dream will propel us into the purpose and plan God has for you us. But—faith is required, obedience is mandatory, and relationship is essential. Yet when that dream God has given you intersects and harmonizes with his purpose for you—look out—amazing miraculous things begin to happen!