A Life-Changing Moment (Part 1)

The Road to a LIfe-Changing MomentOver the next few blogs I want to share a handful of life-changing moments that occurred in Mexico a couple of weeks ago. I traveled with a team from Eagle’s Wing Church to Parras, Mexico to partner with the Mexico Outreach Center, as we participated in both community service projects and a mission Vacation Bible School with the First Baptist Church of Parras. This was not my first mission trip, but it was the first foreign trip for our new church. That in itself was life-changing.

Eagle’s Wing Church is approximately three weeks short being one year old. We’re a baby church toddling with God on a mission with a big vision. A part of our spiritual DNA is to be missional in everything we do, not just active in mission work or mission trips. We believe we are on a mission with Jesus every day, and thus, a mission work is not something we do, but rather it is a part of who we are.

Life-changing moments happen all around us every day. Many of them are missed because we are in such a hurry to get to our destination of the day. Too often, we forget the journey to our destination is just as important as the destination. We push, rush, and stress out with anxiety over getting there and miss all those God-moments along the way. Often the biggest thing we can do in a day is take a deep breath and ask God to show us what in the world he’s doing today. If you do this, I guarantee it will be a life-changing moment.

These moments are hidden for the most part from the majority of people. They are hard to recognize if you’re speeding along in life at ninety miles an hour. But—if you catch a glimpse of one, its effect is life altering. In a sense, these moments are like a cold shower after a long night of sleep—a slap in the face—or little brother who jumps out from behind the door and scares you to death. They come seemingly out of nowhere, and yet they come straight from the heart of God—designed with care instead of by random chance.

God has designed life to be anything but boring. If you’re reading this you know exactly what I mean. Life is chock full of the unexpected. Just when you think you’ve got everything down and know what’s about to happen—bam! Everything seems to go south. Nothing works like it’s supposed to. That my friend is a gigantic welcome mat—a red blinking light—a huge hello to the entrance of the carnival ride called a life-changing moment.

You are invited to join me over the next few weeks as I share a few choice nuggets from the divine construction site that is my life. And…who knows God may just use one of them as a life-changing moment in yours.