Collision versus Impact

A collision occurs when one object bumps into another, either on purpose or by accident. The result of a collision—the amount of damage done—is measured by the impact of one or both objects. We are most familiar with automobile collisions. Today, the impact of even the slightest collision can cause tremendous damage and cost thousands to repair.

A couple of years ago, I backed into a two by two inch steel post with the rear bumper of my truck. I was just barely moving and yet the impact of that collision destroyed my bumper and pushed it through the rear quarter panel of the truck. The cost to repair it was almost $1,500.00. I can’t imagine what might have happened if I had been going faster than a couple miles an hour. The impact of the pole had a real impact on both my truck and my pocket book.

In football, certain players are known as impact players. This means when that player collides with another, things always happen. It could mean a fumble occurs, an interception is made, a long pass is caught, a great run is made, a kick is blocked, or a touchdown is scored. That player usually affects the ultimate result of the game.

We cannot stop the collisions of life. It is a part of living in this world. But, when that collision is with God, we can make the most out of the impact. From time to time, every one of us will run head long into God. Those moments are called defining moments. These collisions are inevitable, but if we learn to recognize and maximize those moments, the impact will always be positive.

God never changes, but every person he touches is changed, and his desire is to make all of us impact players in the world in which we live. That may mean in your family, your work, your neighborhood, or your church.  Impact players control the collisions they are involved in. They choose the moments, the places, and the amount of damage they will inflict. They are never out of control, but fully in control. Every Christian is supposed to be under the control of the Holy Spirit, but too often, instead being impact players, we are like my truck (out of control) hitting the pole.

God has chosen to use you and me. Why? I’m not totally sure but I have an inkling that it has to do with using the moronic things of this world to confuse the wise (1 Cor. 1:18-25). I’m pretty sure that’s why he’s chosen me, but you must decide on his reason for using you. The wonderful thing about all this is that we get to partner with him in this grand endeavor. We really do have a choice. We can be under control of his Spirit and be impact players. Or, we can be out of control and sustain great damage at every turn like my truck.

It all comes down to collision versus impact. So…which one will you choose? A damaged life or a life of destiny—that’s really the choice.