Lost in the Internet: Just a Note of Explanation

Two weeks ago, we switched web hosts and the switch that was to be seamless and easy turned into a nightmare. Since that moment we have been searching for 40-50 blogs that were archieved and available for our readers. When the switch took place everything written since December 2011 vanished.

After a great deal of prayer and expert attention, my blogs seemed to have simply vanished into the nether world of the internet. The experts seem to have no explanation and some pretty lame excuses. The result is they seem to be gone.

Therefore I will start posting again and keep praying that one day these blogs will find their way home again just as mysteriously as they vanished. I apologize to those of you who read my writtings on a regular basis. I will pick back up with the Destination Israel blogs and move on.

Sometimes life is like that. Something happens and there seems to be no explanation or plausible excuse for it. You have a choice to make when that happens. You can get mad and throw a fit and act like an all-around idiot, or you can learn from it and move on. I have chosen to move on, although deep down inside there is a part of me that would like to throw a tantrum and say some stupid things. But, alas. neither of those expressions of frustration would serve a positive purpose for anyone except the devil. So, I will just keep writing what God gives me and continue to pray for my little lost blogs as they wander aimlessly around the deep dark forest of the Internet.