Cultivating a Culture of Honor (Part 12)

Thinking that you may achieve something new by continuing to do the same thing is definition of idiocy. We have reached that tipping point within our culture where we must choose a new direction or slide hopelessly into the abyss by following its current path. We talk of justice, integrity, and basic human rights out of one side of our mouth and with the other side dishonor those who disagree with our particular point of view. There can be no justice without honor—no integrity without honor—no real concern for basic human rights without honor. Honor is a key building block in the foundation of any culture, and if it goes missing—so goes that culture.

We need a new breed of cultural farmers who will sow the seeds of honor into the fertile fields of the human heart–social gardeners who will tend the soil and care for seedlings of respect and dignity as they break through the rocky soil of apathy and unconcern. The broken heart of humanity is rumbling and growling—consumed with a hunger to be recognized for who and what we were created to be. God’s image and likeness has not disappeared in humanity—it has silently gone underground—awaiting the moment when it is once again recognized by another human being.

This will not happen through legislation or laws. Councils, study groups, and experiments will not bring this to reality. Only the body of Christ—the church—a believer here and a believer there—will make this dream a reality. We, above all people, should recognize the value and necessity of honor. We have received it without merit or measure through the grace of Jesus Christ. Can we not give away a little of what He has so infinitely given each of us?

 If each of us sow a seed of honor today in the life of another person our supply of seeds will multiply enabling us to sow more tomorrow. There is a principle of synergy here. There is also a biblical principle at play here which was mention earlier: Whatever you sow be sure you will reap. If we sow honor and cultivate it—we will reap an abundant crop of honor.

If enough of us work these fertile fields dishonor will be forced to flee the throne room of modern culture and honor will again ascend and sit on its rightful throne. Integrity, esteem, morality, and decency will once again fill the halls of government, entertainment, and media. When this happens—men and women will flock to the cultivators of honor and we will guide them by the scores into the very presence of the One who gave us this gift of honor in the first place—the King of glory and honor Himself—Jesus Christ.

Idiocy screams, “Hold the current course!” Wisdom says, “Give honor where honor is due.” The question remains—who will you follow?