Blue Bloods: Confused Personal Significance (part 9 of 14)

Every person seeks significance. All of us desire for our lives to be important—that they might have some kind of meaning that will endure long after we’re gone. God created us that way. Most of the people you will encounter today are searching for that seemingly elusive significance. In Christ, that slippery significance that evades us is given to each of us without measure. In Christ we have become joint heirs with Jesus, meaning that we, as sons and daughters of God, possess everything Jesus possesses. His significance is ours. Let’s get personal— His significance is your significance!

You no longer need to seek, search, or strive for significance because you are fully significant in Christ. That is not what you will become, but rather, who you are right now at this very moment. Sadly, most believers think like slaves instead of sons and daughters and are beating the bushes for some “thing” that will make them important and give them meaning. The most significant person the world has ever known—Jesus Christ—lives in you, and you are a visible manifestation of His body. Let that simmer in your brain for a moment: If that doesn’t create a revolution in your spirit and, in turn, your life—then you may need to check your spiritual birth certificate and see if it’s genuine.

Slaves are confused when it comes to what brings significance, while sons and daughters—the blue bloods—are confident in their significance. The difference is, the first group has no clue about who they are, while the second is living out with abandonment all that they are. Consider the following and you will see how diametrically opposed the mindset of a slave and a son are when it comes to this critical area of human existence.

Blue Bloods:                                                                 Slaves:

Lead                                                                                  Follow

Make messes that ultimately lead to successes          Make nothing because of fear

Seek to conquer                                                               Seek to survive

Continually look to the future                                        Constantly look in the past

Are willing to sacrifice to gain a promise                      Want to succeed at any and all costs

Gifting is recognized                                                        Usefulness is exploited

Focused thinkers                                                              Confused thinkers

Purposeful                                                                         Aimless

Seek comfort in God’s presence and love                      Seek comfort in counterfeit affections

Respond with humility and unity by valuing others    React with accusation, rivalry, and                                                                                                     jealousy

Respond to the faults of others with love and               React to the faults of others with            restoration                                                                         accusation, exposure, and blame

Serve motivated by gratitude in response to                Serve seeking to impress or with no      God’s unconditional love                                                 motivation for service at all

Slaves are still seeking their significance because they refuse to live in the freedom Christ has provided. Sons and daughters enjoy the freedom, and their lives are therefore significant. Are you confident or confused? Your answer will reveal your address. And…perhaps the time has come for a change of address.