Blue Bloods: God’s Original Intent (part 3 of 14)

God catches the blame for everything when most of it is not His fault. Much of what we see happening around us was never a part of God’s original intent—translated into Christianese—His perfect will. We don’t understand that original intent because we live in the present and things are seemingly out of our control, or at least that’s what most people believe.

To understand the original intent—the purpose—of our Father, we have to look at the blueprints from which humanity was created. Those are found in Genesis 1:26-28. If you want to know what you were created for—your purpose—read it carefully. In this passage, God’s plan was unveiled in splendor. Let me show you what I mean.

The man and the woman were created in the image and likeness of God. The significance of that phrase is pregnant with more meaning than space allows. But certainly it corresponds to our ability to reason, experience emotions, make choices’ and embodies the capability of our spirit to commune with God. God created us to look and act like Him, but just remember—we are not Him—that is, we are not little gods.

Most of us have either forgotten or don’t know our familial connection to God.  Hidden in one of those long genealogies made famous in the Bible is a phrase that may blow your mind: the son of Enosh, the son of Seth, the son of Adam, the son of God (Luke 3:38). Did you miss it? It’s not a typo—it’s in the Holy Spirit’s own handwriting. Adam was the son of God and out of 45 times that phrase is used this is the only one that does not refer to Jesus Christ. But…one time is enough. God implanted His spiritual DNA in His son, Adam, and expected the boy to reproduce accurate (true) representations of his Father, the King. Adam was to mirror the glory of God to all of creation and he was to reproduce the image and likeness of God in his posterity. The mirrored reproduction was spiritual, emotional, and in some aspects, even physical.

The second intent was for Adam and Eve to rule as regents or stewards over the earthly realm of their Father, the King. They were blue bloods. God gave them dominion over an earthly kingdom that mirrored a heavenly one. He introduced them to rulership gradually by giving them responsibility for the care and oversight of a small plot of land. They were apprenticing—learning day-by-day, bit-by-bit what it meant to subdue and rule. Their throne and castle consisted of a garden filled with the grace of God.

The first two intents were great, but the third insured the greatest privilege of eternity, the one all of us long for, even if we can’t put a name on it—the ability to experience a passionate relationship with their Father, the King. I can’t fully imagine what it must have been like to walk with the manifest presence of God in the crisp morning air of the garden. Here they learned the secrets of intimacy with God and received the directions on how to take care of the garden. God shared His secrets with His son and daughter there through peals of laughter, whispers of love, and declarations of their capabilities and legitimacy. What must it have been like to hear the presence of the Bridegroom coming for His Bride each day? How deep the emotional release must have been when He burst through the bushes, and they saw their Father’s glory!

Thus, God’s original intent and His ultimate purpose for you and me. It has not changed. Very simple—not rocket science. Look closely at each one—they are what you long for. That is why you were created. Frustrated—angry—depressed—desperate—or all of the above? You should be. Stay with me; this is not the end; just a beginning to give you a better understanding of the original intent of the same blood—the blue blood—that flows through your veins if you know Christ today.