Blue Bloods (part 1 of 14)

We have all dreamed of being royalty at one time or another. It may have been a childhood fantasy acted out through games and adventures in the backyard. Perhaps your mother made a crown out of cardboard covered in aluminum foil for you. Perhaps you’ve followed the historical exploits of the royal family and while daydreaming, traded places with one of them and let the possibilities run wild. Perhaps somewhere back in your family tree you are connected to royalty but nothing remains of that heritage except a family name or snippets of a story passed down through the family like the remnant of a page ripped from a now extinct chronicle of ancient history. The memories of antiquity, the daydream of “what if,” and the games of childhood all resonate deep within our spirits, but in reality life is what it is…or is it?

Like a great treasure lost and buried beneath the debris of time this idea—this yearning for an identity that is seemingly not ours persists as though it is truth rather than fancy. Perhaps the longing is more than a hunger for power, money, or fame. Perhaps that hunger is our spirit crying out for the reality of an identity that has been given but not experienced—the memory of some spiritual DNA crying out for the freedom buried deep within the genetic composition of who we are.

I believe that hunger exists not because it is a fleeting dream but rather it is our true identity. As men and women who have experienced the saving grace of God through Jesus Christ, we long to walk in both our identity and our inheritance, which are tied inexplicably together. The Bible declares that we are the sons and daughters of God. He is our Father and we are His children. He is also King. Therefore as God’s kids we are royalty. In other words, we are blue bloods—children of nobility with a divine destiny.

We are rich beyond measure in Christ. The resources of the King do not rest in the reservoirs of heaven but rather in you and me. We are the repository of the eternal riches of God. I have no way of describing the assets our heavenly Father has placed at our disposal.

And yet…most of His children live lives of silent mediocrity scrounging for scraps in the garbage cans of theological amnesia—totally blank about their true identity. Creation longs for the revelation (the unveiling) of the sons and daughters of God, and so do you.

Perhaps that longing has sparked in you as you were reading this. If so, join this pilgrim over the next few weeks and find out why God says your identity is one of blue blood.