Kingdom Prayer: Occupation (Part 5 of 6)

You made it! I thought you might, but we can’t stop here. If we don’t keep moving the enemy will reset the sights on his guns and we will be sitting ducks. The invasion has been a success, but now you must take occupation of this territory you are fighting for.  The only ground you hold right now is located under your feet. You must conquer it if you have any hope of holding it.

Occupation means “to seize and control an area.” For this ground to become a part of God’s kingdom, you must place it under the authority of the King. You must control it in the power of Jesus and for His glory. This is where you forcefully pray: “Thy will be done.” You can no longer do what you want or what the enemy wants. Territory is considered occupied when it is actually under the authority of Jesus Christ, whom you represent. It is not enough to stand on the territory; you must enforce the will of God here and conquer the enemy who stands in your way.

To turn battleground into conquered ground—to move from invasion to occupation—you must evict the enemy at all costs. You must expose him, extricate him, and eliminate him. This is house-to-house, hand-to-hand combat. This is where you must become transparent with God about your life. Whenever we expose the enemy, we always expose a personal partnership with him. Confess it and do not give the enemy a foothold. Destroy his resources, roadways, and supply lines into your life. Wrestle in prayer until God answers. This is bloody, but you will overcome if you stand in there and fight.

As you see the enemy weakening, take courage and exercise the King’s authority over this area. In Christ, you must begin to declare the new terms of occupation. You must bring God’s government to bear on everything. It is “His will” that must be declared. Anything that stands against His will must be destroyed. Yes…you heard me…everything. Anything you leave in opposition will rise up and one day destroy you. Deal with it now and deal with it completely.

You’ve established the King’s rule; now you must enforce His reign in your life, circumstance, or situation. You have conquered the ground in the power and might of Jesus, but prepare yourself the enemy will counter-attack. Set up sentries on the boundaries. Position your forces carefully. Vigilance is essential. Pay attention to the movement of the enemy in the distance. Always remember this…he wants back what you have conquered and he will take it unless you abide by the will of your King. Take the necessary precautions and fully enforce at all costs, “Thy will be done.” If you do, he will never defeat you, and the ground will be transformed.