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Party Time in Heaven

This past week I was part of a five person mission team from Eagle’s Wing Church. This was a ground breaking trip because it was the first foreign mission trip our eleven month old church has taken. Our destination was Parras, Mexico to work with Armand Lombardo and the team at Mexico Outreach Mission. The trip was life-changing and over the next few weeks I would like to share some lessons we learned.

Today, I simply want to show you a picture of what eternal life looks like. We did construction projects in the mornings and assisted one of the local churches every evening in a mission Vacation Bible School outside at one of the homes in the city.

Parras is a small city of 45,000 people. But God showed up in a powerful way last week and ten people (2 adults and 8 children) met Jesus as their Lord and Savior. The angels in heaven were having a party and I have to admit, I jumped up and down in unbridled excitement as I watched God move.

On Tuesday, evening one of the ladies motioned for me to come into the house. I don’t speak Spanish and she did not speak English, but both of us watch in awe as a little girl was birthed into the Kingdom of Heaven. You don’t need words at a moment like that, you simply watch the Holy Spirit work. One of the teachers was leading a little girl in a prayer as she asked Jesus to save her. And your know what? God did just that right there on the spot. It was matter of fact for the little girl and she went right back to her class. But…for me it was a moment of indescribable joy. I went outside and jumped up and down–sort had a come apart right there in the dirt street front of God and about forty others adults. They looked at me a little funny, but hey, I’m a gringo so they sort of expect things like that from us.

Words can’t describe the emotions or the joy of the Lord that welled up in me. And yet, I know in heaven the angels were going wild. In fact, it was party time in heaven. If you have ever wondered what salvation looks like–here you go!

Saved by grace!!