Musings of a Madman: The Mystery of Relationship (Part 9)

If pursuit is essential for an intimate relationship with God, then surrender is the key. Desperation will take you with mere inches of where you dream of going, but surrender of self opens the secret places of God’s heart. Surrender signifies the superiority of the one pursued and the inability of the one pursuing to catch up. The surrender of the self signifies a relinquishment of who you are and what you want for who God is and what he wants.

One of the lessons we must learn as we pursue a deeper relationship with God is that we cannot seduce God into doing anything no matter how hard we pray, serve, witness, give, fast, read our Bibles, or participate in other spiritual disciplines. These are not devices meant to twist God’s arm into doing what we want. No, they are disciplines that, when done with the right motive, lead us into his presence. We cannot seduce God, but we can submit to God.

God is not obligate or required to respond—in other words, he could ignore us because he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants to. He is sovereign and eternal. But God is drawn to the surrender of personal self. The aroma of selfishness dying gets his attention and assures him that we are genuine in our pursuit.

There comes a place when we can do nothing else—when all that is left is to throw ourselves on his mercy and grace and surrender. We fling ourselves at his feet and take hold. We refused to leave or be drawn away by the allure of anything else. In surrender, we grab hold and we give up all demand on what we will or will not do. At this moment, there is no going back—no retreat if things don’t work out. We kneel down and await our fate.

Surrender is a scary thing. The one who surrenders is unsure of what will happen next. They are uncertain how it might affect them. Knowing gives way to believing—sight gives way to faith. We have done all we know to do—God must make the next move.

Dancing with God

 Relationship is never solitary. Like a dance, it requires two to Tango as they say. The next move is God’s and you will no longer lead as this dance moves into the secret place. Your responsibility is to obey whatever comes next—to follow the lead of your Divine Partner.

 In that position of surrender—relax, but prepare yourself for the dance of a lifetime. That first step will be an unbelievable doozy of a move. So…get ready!