God-Sizing Your Dreams (Part 11)

God is always on time even if you or I think he’s late or not coming. God-sized dreams are totally dependent on the timing of God. Timing is everything in the Kingdom of God. You can do the right thing at the wrong time and you will always reap less than what God intended. Thankfully, when God acts the timing is perfect.

God-sized dreams are by nature miraculous. They cannot be achieved through our strength or ability alone. They are one step passed our capability—in the realm of what we would call impossible. But surround the category of impossible with God’s timing and miracles happen.

Just look at our childless couple camped out in Canaan. They are far passed the point of having children. Biologically, it ain’t never gonna happen (bad English but it certainly communicates). The old reproductive clock chimed its last time years before and the dust of impossibility has covered the chimes. In the human realm, age has taken its toll on both ability and capability. Abraham—the father of a multitude—is almost one hundred years old and his chances of producing a son with Sarah is slim and none, with the emphasis resting on none. For Sarah, the want to—the desperate desire to be a mother—is no longer enough, because her reproductive system has surrendered to the natural processes of age. Add Abraham and Sarah together and you are humanly speaking, left with nothing. It would be a miracle.

That’s the kind of odds God loves working with. Miracles are by their very nature acts which set aside the natural way things work or happen. Only God can suspend the laws of nature so that a man and a woman can conceive, and that woman could then carry a baby to term and birth it. Timing is everything. Just when it appears time has run out on this dream, God super-sizes it by making the impossible possible. Genesis 21:2 puts it this way: So Sarah conceived and bore a son to Abraham in his old age, at the appointed time of which God had spoken to him. God said, “It is time for a miracle—now!

Don’t miss what the verse says. Abraham and Sarah participated and God provided. They acted in faith—and God answered with a miracle. There was a resurrection in their reproductive systems. Don’t you just love it? God is the God of resurrection—he can breathe life into what’s dead and death must flee!

The key to Genesis 21:2 is timing—“at the appointed time.” A genuine God-sized dream always has an appointed time—a moment chosen by God to become a reality. The promised son could not appear until the promised time—until it was impossible for Abraham and Sarah to have gotten him naturally. At the appointed time the impossible became possible—what was no longer natural became supernatural. At the appointed time the dream of a lifetime became reality as little Isaac—the son of laughter—the miracle baby from God emerged from the miraculous womb of his mother.