The Battle for the Mind

The Christian life is a paradox of sorts. It is at the same time a constant struggle and a settled confidence. It is an innermost peace wrapped up in the paper of uncertainly and held together with the tape of faith. Spiritually speaking, this life is characterized by two words with infinite capabilities: eternal and abundant. Naturally speaking, those two words are battlefield and belief.

We are the recipients of all the riches of God in Christ. We certainly do possess all the spiritual blessings in the heavenlies. And yet, all of us struggle—most of us do so every day. The reason for this is we are living on a battlefield. Yes, our enemy is defeated (Christ did that at the cross), but he is not dead or imprisoned. He is mortally wounded and looking to destroy as many of us as possible in the short time he has left. That battle, which all of us are engaged in, is not fought against people, or governments, or business entities. No…that great battle is fought moment-by-moment in the jungles and deserts of our minds. The issue is do we really believe what we profess?

It is guerilla warfare fought hand-to-hand with a winner take all mentality. Our enemy hurls everything he has at our minds to cause confusion, fear, tension, and a hundred other emotions that create a soupy fog and castrate our ability to think biblically. The enemy could care less whether or not we think rationally, but above all he does not want us to think biblically. Biblical thinking cuts a swath through that dense fog and clears the mind.

It seems our divine destiny is always in conflict with demonic darkness. None of us are standing on the sidelines of some great cosmic game (if you are, you are already in the enemy’s trophy case), we are all intimately involved—it comes with the territory. Therefore, what can we do to make sure when the smoke clears and the zing of the bullets stop we are still standing? That is the million dollar question.

First, realize that you are at war. This is a battle and it will continue to be a battle until either you go to Jesus or Jesus comes for us. That’s reality. You need a battle hardened mindset—a battlefield mentality. Toughen up a little and the enemy may well back off a bit.

Second, take control of your mind. God has given you (yes—you alone) authority over it. Don’t allow it to take in anything and/or everything that passes by. Shut the all-access revolving door and post a guard at its entrance with orders to shoot to kill. You won’t have to deal with most things if you deny them access. Take every thought (yes every last one of them) captive.

Next, make a decision that you will never, never, never give up—no matter how hot the battle gets or how long the siege may last. Surrender never brings the promised peaceful silence we all long for. It only brings slavery—a lifestyle marked by the bondage of failures and limitations.

Finally, access the mind of Christ. You have it—it’s comes standard with the package. Spend a little time every day reading the Scripture. Memorize verses as you store supplies before an attack comes. Then, when the shelling starts (and it certainly will), willfully choose to obey what the Holy Spirit is telling you to do. Do it the moment He says it. Obedience grants us deeper access, as well as greater authority. Learn to relax in Christ. From that peaceful place, all the enemy can do is lob shells at you. He can never destroy that fortress of security and your mind can get some much needed rest.