Blue Bloods: Confused Character (part 11 of 14)

Character is easier to build than to re-build. As believers we all received a fresh opportunity to have a new character constructed in place of the ashes and rumble of the old nature. Your character is you—the person hidden deep beneath the makeup, masks, and veneer. It’s the real you. At salvation the old you passed away—was in fact, executed on the cross—and a new you was created. You received a new character on which the image of Christ is being formed.

That character you received was the character of Christ manifested in you through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. Sons and daughters recognize this and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit—thus, they are Spirit-filled. They surrender their desire to the desire of the King and fulfill His purpose and plan. In the process, their character is constructed and it becomes hard to tell the difference in their individual character and that of Christ. They literally become Christ fleshed out—they mirror the image and likeness of God through their actions and attitudes.

Slaves fear losing control. They hang on for dear life with their fingernails dug in and refuse to allow the Holy Spirit to be their guide. They give lip service to His power and presence, but run away at first sight, fearing a relinquishment of control. Slavery is bondage—bondage to an old way of thinking—to a limp and long dead character that was crucified on the cross when that person came to Christ. Fear of ___________ (you fill in the blank) has paralyzed them and neutralized their growth in Christ. They are busy (like a slave), but on the inside that new character (son or daughter) is suffocating. The bondage of slavery seems far safer than the freedom of sonship. Slaves prefer safety and control over the absolute freedom of surrender. Therefore, they daily forfeit through their personal choice the position and power of their birthright. They become paupers instead of princes and princesses—broken and burned out instead of blue bloods.

Consider for a moment which of these characteristics you find yourself living out. Remember your attitudes produce actions that, over time, reap a character.

Blue Bloods:                                                            Slaves:

Are willing to work                                                    Are lazy

Affirm even when admonishing                               Criticize and judge

See the positive                                                          See the negative

Are wise                                                                       Are fools

Are rivers of living water                                          Are broken cisterns and stagnant ponds

Have a generational world view                               Care about now and short-term gain

Are interdependent                                                    Independent

Willing to acknowledge need                                     Self-reliant

Willing to suffer hardship to                                      Unwilling to learn hard lessons and will learn hard lessons                                                        continually suffer hardships

The issue that will always separate a slave from a son or daughter is the character they choose to live out of. What will it be: One of control and survival or one of surrender to Christ?