Blue Bloods: Confused Personal Identity (part 8 of 14)

Slaves live in a state of confusion, while blue bloods live in a state of confidence. One group has no clue of their true identity, while the other revels in it. The way a believer relates to himself and others is a definitive demarcation between the bondage of a slave and the freedom of a son or daughter. Consider the following and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart:

Blue Bloods:                                                             Slaves:

Experience liberty                                                      Experience bondage

Think and act                                                              Act and don’t think

Press on                                                                       Hold on

Live in a state of thankfulness                                 Grumble and complain

Life-givers                                                                  Takers (suck life out of others)

Are marked by sincerity                                          Are Counterfeits

Desire to create                                                          Desperate to maintain

Faithful                                                                        Fearful

Will fight to maintain allegiance                               Allegiance can be bought

Birthed in freedom                                                    Birthed in bondage

Will engage any problem that confronts                 Will avoid and ignore problems

Have an independent identity and know who        Will allow others to tell them who they they are                                                                        are and their place

Unique, worthwhile individuals                                Cogs in the machine

Models                                                                          Clones

Innovators                                                                    Imitators

Live with anticipation                                                 Live with frustration

Open, patient, affectionate                                         Guarded, conditional, performance based

Givers and takers                                                        Takers and strivers desiring to be seen

Secure in their inheritance                                           Constantly fighting for selfish gain

The struggle with stinking thinking is a life and death battle. The relationships you enjoy with yourself and with others are vital for your spiritual, emotional, and physical health. Unhealthy relationships are birthed out of an unhealthy identity. Confusion breeds more confusion and will reproduce itself in your natural children as well as your spiritual ones. It is critical that we recognize and repent of any vestige of slave thinking and then walk in the advantage of our royal inheritance in Christ. Your new birth determines your identity and your identity should determine your demeanor.

Remember—all creation eagerly awaits the revelation of the sons and daughters of God. What does your belief system and lifestyle reveal about your identity?