Blue Bloods: The King’s Return (part 5 of 14)

On a day much like today it happened. Seemingly out of nowhere, revelation’s curtain went up and a new man—a second Adam—appeared on Main Street’s stage in an out of the way town called Bethlehem. A creative miracle signaled His birth, much like the transformation of simple dust into humanity had trumpeted the arrival of the first Adam. A new species of man now walked the earth for the first time in human history; a man filled with and guided by the Holy Spirit lacking nothing except a sin nature.

A hero? Yes, but far more—a model and a deliverer from which to draw strength, power, ability, and direction. A dread champion—come to destroy the works of the great serpent and take back the high-jacked gifts of relationship, reflection, rulership, and reproduction. The time was right for a full plunder of the enemy’s camp and a jail break for the enslaved sons and daughters of Adam.

The King of Glory lay down His Kingdom to search out and rescue His children. Heaven’s King had stooped to pick up the divine mantle dropped by the original man and wrapped Himself with it in the frail shell of Adam. Emptying Himself of His God-attributes He chose to live, function, and suffer as a man filled and guided by the power of the Holy Spirit. His purpose—to fulfill the calling and thus, the rewards the first Adam had squandered with a single taste of forbidden fruit.

Jesus did every miracle and act, not as God, though He was God, but as a man—the second Adam—empowered by and fully dependent upon the Holy Spirit—a partnership between humanity and divinity—one of complete dependence on the Holy Spirit and total obedience to the Father. He listened and watched for His Father to speak or act and then joined in through His perfect imitation in every situation.

In one swift move, the Father restored the identity of sonship through the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. The second Adam came to walk in the full glory of sonship and reproduce Himself in those He would redeem. All the blue blood promises of being a royal child were once again realized, implemented, and reoffered—relationship, reflection, rulership, and reproduction.

On the cross, Jesus offered Himself as the second Adam to His Father in full payment for the sin all of humanity. That transaction opened the way for those living on death row to have a second chance—a new birth, not a re-birth, took place. A new species, made in the image and likeness of the second Adam, began to walk the earth with confidence in their royal adoption and the impartation of the DNA and divine nature of the King through the permanent indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

The garden mandate was restored to the sons and daughters of God through Jesus. We have been restored and equipped to enjoy intimate fellowship with the Father. By pursuing that relationship, we now have the ability to reflect the image and likeness of our Father. As that image is reflected to others, the ability to reproduce is unleashed. And as we reproduce that image and likeness, we walk into the authority of a ruler, a true son or daughter—a blue blood.

The original intent has been restored. The King has returned and rescued His kids. If this is so, and believe me it is, why are the vast majority of us walking around bound up in the chains and shackles of a slave mentality crippled with stinking thinking? Why are we choosing to live in the garbage dump, once again prisoners of the same enemy who enslaved the first son, Adam?