Kingdom Prayer: Invasion (Part 4 of 6)

Obviously, you are no longer crouching in your foxhole or sitting behind the walls of a city under siege. You may be asking, “What do we do now?” The answer is we invade enemy territory through the warfare of prayer. Kingdom prayer expects to take any area, circumstance, or situation held presently under the kingdom of darkness, and transfers it to the kingdom of light. By praying “Thy kingdom come,” we are forcefully advancing the kingdom of God.

Invasion is the forceful entry into a territory with hostile intent for the purpose of taking possession of something. Take an assessment of your life right now. Is there any area where God does not rule? If so that is enemy territory and it must become battleground if you ever intend to conquer it. If you think the devil will wave a white flag without a fight, you are sadly mistaken. You must wade ashore in this area and plant the flag of God’s kingdom. You must go with the hostile intent of taking possession of what is currently held by a well-armed enemy. This may be your marriage, one of your kids, a work situation, a personal struggle, an addiction or habit, or an emotional or spiritual wound. Whatever it is, this territory is flying the enemy’s flag, and in Jesus name that flag must come down.

Whatever the situation is pray “Thy kingdom come,” and place your feet squarely in the midst of the problem and stand firm. This is invasion. The ground you stand on is battleground and must be fought for. You must establish a beach head from which you can move inland. The key is taking the first step out of the dark water swirling around you and planting your feet firmly on the contested ground.

This takes total commitment. There is no giving up at this point. If you do, the enemy will not only take back your foothold, but he will also push you back into the blackness and drown you. If you have a plan B to fall back on, you will not succeed.

You must be focused. This is war—kill or be killed. Your sole purpose is to destroy any enemy that blocks your path with the power of the Holy Spirit and in the name of Jesus.

As you secure that foothold, you are establishing the rule of King Jesus in that tiny area of your life. From there you will expand the battle and extend His rule. This is where you must begin to use the spiritual armor of Ephesians 6 and stop modeling it like you are in some kind of spring fashion show. The enemy will not give up an inch. You must take it—you must exercise the authority of Jesus Christ and take dominion.

Well, you know what to do. That grinding sound you hear is the door of the landing craft beginning to open. Make sure your sword is ready. When the door drops, scream at the top of your lungs and don’t stop running or swinging until your reach solid ground. I’ll see you later on shore…that is, if you keep praying